StaffPostgraduate Seminar Series

School of English, Trinity College Dublin

Hilary Term Schedule 2015



Wednesday 14th January [Ui Chadhain Theatre]

Joyce’s Maamtrasna Revisited: Language Matters
Professor Margaret Kelleher, University College Dublin

Wednesday 21st January [Arts Block Room 3025]

‘The demand disturbs the happy and the rich’: the surplus person in Malthus’s Essay on the Principle of Population and Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley
Dr Ruth Doherty

Conduits of Culture and ‘Food for the Mind’: W.H. Smith Railway Bookstall Workers and the Book Purchases of Late-Victorian Readers
Dr Paul Rooney

Wednesday 28th January [IIIS Seminar Room]

The Human Frontier: Ayn Rand and Star Trek
Ben Murnane

‘Thank You Kindly Misthress Banshee – You’re A Woman of Your Worrud’: Femininity, Folklore and Subversion in the Darby O’Gill Fairy Tales of HT Kavanagh
Brian McManus

Wednesday 4th February [IIIS Seminar Room]

Travel and Travail: The Scatological Route to Paradise
Dr Ian Kinane

‘THE MIND IS A PLACE OF WONDER!’: Experimental typography as a window into the mind of young narrators in David Almond’s My Name is Mina and Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking series.
Louise Gallagher

Wednesday 11th February [IIIS Seminar Room]

Elizabeth Bishop’s Work of Fire
Dr Philip McGowan, Queen’s University Belfast

Wednesday 18th February [IIIS Seminar Room]

Emily Lawless, Historical Fiction and the Nineteenth Century
Nora Moroney

The Shop Window: The Honest Ulsterman and the Northern Canon
Ben Simmons

Wednesday 25th February


Wednesday 4th March [IIIS Seminar Room]

Visiting Lecture
Professor Andrew Murphy, University of St Andrews

Wednesday 11th March [IIIS Seminar Room]

Beckett, Joyce and Clothing
Karl Peters

Suspicious Servants: Fielding’s Universal Register Office and the Elizabeth Canning Case
Vivienne Keeley

Wednesday 18th March [IIIS Seminar Room]

Felicitating the Whole of the Polis in Finnegans Wake and How It Is
Dr Sam Slote, Trinity College Dublin

Thursday 19th March [IIIS Seminar Room]

Minor Languages and European Modernism
Professor Barry McCrea, University of Notre Dame

Wednesday 25th March [Arts Block Room 3025]

‘We are entering the age of the insect’: Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend as early eco-horror
Emily Bourke

Susan Howe’s Telepathy
Jonathan Creasy

Thursday 2nd April [Thomas Davis Lecture Theatre, Arts Block, 6 pm]

The Value of English Literature
Professor Nicholas Grene, Trinity College Dublin